About us

When Chohans Spice was founded more than 32 years ago, Essop Chohan, the founder, had no idea how revolutionary this new “spice store” would be for the food industry in Durban.  

Today we’re proud to be one of the leading spice retailers in KwaZulu-Natal with stores across Durban and more opening up soon. Chohans is in the business of manufacturing, milling, blending and retailing of spices and other food related products. We pride ourselves on selling not only some of the finest spices but also a wide variety of baking items, rice, prayers goods and homeware.

When you walk into any one of our stores, you’ll be greeted like family and the aromatic smells of spices that will start you on a flavour journey.

At Chohans Spice w e work everyday to find ways to benefit people, families and the community at large