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Chohans Haleem



400G Chohans Haleem Mix

1/2kg Chicken or meat(cut into small pieces) or soya

1tablespoon Ginger/Garlic

1tablespoon Fine Salt 

4tablespoon Ghee/Oil Mix

1 Large Onion-Chopped 

1/2 teaspoon Chohans Whole Jeera, chopped coriander & mint



In a large pot, Braise onion & Jeera in Ghee/oil till soft.

Add meat with Ginger/Garlic, Salt & Braise for a few minutes.

Add the Haleem Mix & 4lt Water and mix well.

Bring the Haleem to a boil and stir occasionaly.

Boil for 31/2 hours to 4hours.

Add more water if needed. Garnish With Greens

(vegetarians,ommit meat & Soya chunks)


400g Chohans Haleem Mix= +-3lt Haleem For 8 - 10 people