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Chohans Bombay Crush



Chohans Rose Syrup, China grass pwd, subja Seeds

milk, vanilla Ice-cream, water

 Step 1:  Jelly

1 Cup water

Chohans Rose syrup to taste.

1 tsp Chohans China Grass pwd dilute in 2 tablespoon water


Bring water to boil. Add in China Grass mix & Rose Syrup and stir

Boil for 2min while stirring.

Allow to cool and Grate.

Step 2: Tookmeria(subja Seeds)

Soak 1 tablespoon Chohans subja seeds in 1 cup water.

Step 3: Milkshake

1lt milk

Chohans Rose Syrup to taste

Vanilla Ice-cream

Mix all together in Blender

To Assemble:

Add 1 tablespoon Grated Jelly in a tall glass

Add 1 teaspoon soaked subja seed.

Pour Milkshake till 3/4 full.

Add a scoop of Ice Cream

Top it with a little bit off Rose syrup