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Mutton Curry

mangalore mutton curry

a)1 kg Lamb pieces
b)1 Large Onion Chopped or 2 tablespoons Chohans fried onions
c)Half cup Ghee / Oil Mix
d)4 Whole Elachie ( Cardomin)
e)4 pieces cinnamon sticks
f)1/4 tea spoon whole cumin (jeera)
g)1 Tablespoon ginger / garlic mix
h)1 and half tea spoon salt
i)2 teaspoons Chohans chilli powder
j)2 teaspoons Chohans crushed chillies
k)1 teaspoon Chohans Dhania/jeera powder

l)1 teaspoon Chohans Haldi(Tumeric powder)

m)1/2 teaspoon Chohans Garum Masala n)4 tablespoon tomatoe puree or 4 ground tomatoes

o)3 potatoes peeled and halved. Microwave till done
p)Chopped fresh dhania ( corriander)


Braise onion in ghee/oil with whole spices until onion is pink.Add meat with ginger and garlic and all spices. Braise on  high for a few minutes.Lower heat and cook until meat is almost done.Add tomatoes and cook for another 5 minutes.If serving with rice( Use Chohans TDK Supreme Basmathi Rice), add two cups boiling wateror 1 cup if serving with bread or roti.Boil for a few minutes. Add cooked potatoes and garnish with greens. Serve.