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Special Spices

Arizona Steak & Spice

All Spice Powder

Arizon Steak Spice

Aromat Chilli

Aromat plain

 Ginger &garlic Spice

 Tikka Hot

 Tikka Mild


Braai Spice

Braisin Spice

Breyani Spice Powder

Chick Peri Peri

Chicken  Spice

Chicken Tikk Spice

Fish Spice

Garlic Pepper Spice

Garlic Salt


Green Spice

Honey & Mustard Spice

Kentucky Spice

Lamb & Chop Spice

Lemon Pepper Spice

Lemon & Herb Spice

Meat Tenderiser

Mixed Spice

Rice Spice

Sovouy Corn Spice

Spring Onion Spice

Steak & Chop

Tandoori Dry Spice

Tandoori Wet Spice

Tikka Masala Red

Tikka Masala Yellow